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Tanks : Protank Mini 3 Dual Coil Clear by Kangertech

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Protank Mini 3 Dual Coil Clear by Kangertech

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Small on Size but Big on Taste


Pyrex glass tank
1.8ml capacity
Replaceable drip tip
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Protank 3 Mini Tank
1 Coil

The presence of a bottom coil gives it better absorption and greater performance.

Has easily removable parts that allow you to assemble and disassemble conveniently.

This compact unit works with a 510 connection thread. It is also designed to work well with universal threaded style batteries.

The mini protank has a tough pyrex glass tank that can handle all types of liquids including the harsh ones.

On the entire body of the mini protank, there is no binding of glue or any adhesive.

When you make a purchase the kit, it comes with the protank mini, a protank threaded coil base and 2 protank coils. The two coils have different ratings, one is 1.8 ohms while the other is 2.2ohms. In addition, you get a lovely gift box as well as an instruction card.

Once you have your complete package, you are free to indulge in the most enjoyable vaping experience. In case you need to change the atomizer head, all you need to do is gently remove the base assembly from the tube. The next step you take is to unthread your used coil and gently thread the new one. If however you intend to use the unit with an MOD, it is important to connect that to an 510 adapter for a perfect match.

Despite its small size, the Kanger Protank mini has the same fine airy draw that you know form the bigger version. It also produces a great vapor as well as a rich flavor for your pleasure. With two styles on the market you are free to pick your preference. One version has the 510 thread connector while the second version comes with an style connector. As you use the Kanger Mini Protank you should keep in mind the atomizer heads have a limited life of between 10 16 days. When the heads wear down they may cause some leaking, you should therefore replace them promptly. If you can be able to keep the tank full of liquid all the time, you are likely to prevent leaks since the tank will maintain its vacuum.

Another important note is to avoid getting any liquid on the center tube whenever you are filling the clearomizer. You should also make a point of securing the coil head before you put it back on the base of the protank. Once you keep the above points in mind, there is nothing to stop you from having the best time of your life as you enjoy the rich vapor from this amazing clearomizer. By stocking the widest range of vaporizers including the Kanger mini protank, at West Coast Vape Supply, we ensure all your vaporization needs are met.


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